Farm to Table Dining in Denver

Photo via Duo Restaurant

While Bill and I were visiting his sister’s family in Denver–one of the Huffington Post’s ten best U.S. cities for local food–we enjoyed experiencing Duo, a farm to table restaurant in the Highlands neighborhood that I read about in Bon Appetit’s BA Foodist column.  

According to their website, Duo offers a seasonal changing menu and “partners with the best Colorado farmers: Red Wagon Farm, Abbondanza, Cure Organic Farm, Verde Farm, Soule Farm, and many more.” They support sustainable farming practices, which is part of the farm to table philosophy: going back to basics by sourcing local products in order lessen the impact on the environment.  

I was happy to see the local farms on the menu; however, no descriptions accompanied their names, so I didn’t know which ones were supplying produce and which were supplying meat–if any. While I appreciate simplicity and elegance in menu design, I think–as a consumer–it’s more important to have clear information about our food than it is to have a pretty menu.  

Although I searched online for all the local farms mentioned above, I couldn’t find a website for each one. Of the ones I included links to, they’re produce farms. 

And the meat? When I asked which of the meats on the dinner menu were grassfed, our server said that none were, although they were raised on sustainable farms. Such as the Venison Loin I had from New Zealand, which seems a bit far for acquiring deer meat. 

I think Duo did a fabulous job with the food. And I appreciate their efforts to buy locally and support sustainable farming. For me, the next step would be promoting the humane treatment of animals raised for food by sourcing from grassfed farmers. And giving us as much information as possible about which food comes from where.


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