Everyone’s Favorite: Beef Pot Roast

No matter how many recipes I come across for pot roast, I can’t help but stick with the Irma Rombauer’s ol’ standby from The Joy of Cooking. My own copy of the book basically falls open to the page that the recipe is on because I’ve followed it so many times. Here’s a photo of the recipe, which I basically follow to a “T”. Or go to page 459 if you have your own copy of The Joy of Cooking.

I don’t add turnip or green pepper, which are optional. And I don’t put cloves in my onion, when I add one. (This time I didn’t because of the roasted root vegetable mixture I made. See below.)

And, I like to use a good Cabernet when I deglaze the pan. Hess is one I find to be reliable.

After deglazing, put the roast in the pot and cover, baking for 3-4 hours depending on the weight of the meat.

Meanwhile, I prepare root vegetables–locally grown, of course–by coating them with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. This melange includes carrots, parsnips, red-skinned potatoes, whole garlic cloves, and yellow onions.

Since the meat cooks at a low heat in the oven, I put the veggies in about an hour and a half before the meat is done, turning them occasionally.

To make gravy, I boil down the juices in the pot, mix a couple tablespoons of  arrowroot with water, and add the mixture to the meat gravy. Arrowroot is a great substitution for flour if you have gluten allergies.

Pile the meat and vegetables onto a platter and spoon the gravy over. What could be better for Christmas dinner?


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