Celebrating the Season with Regional Specialties

One of my favorite activities in the spring and fall is going camping in Northern Michigan with my friend Sandy. And part of our ritual is to take a little roadtrip around Leelanau Peninsula  Wine Trail to buy wine for the weekend. We drink it, we cook with it, and–sometimes–we bring a little home.

The first stop is usually Good Harbor Vineyards to pick up one of our staples–Harbor Red–and always several bottles of Moonstruck, their sparkling wine. It’s always good. But you don’t have to go up north to get it–I’ve found it at G.B. Russo’s in Grand Rapids, too.

So, for Christmas Eve, Bill and I popped opened a bottle of Moonstruck to enjoy with some Bill-friendly sheep’s cheese my friend Cathy sent us from Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Even though ours was David Major’s Vermont Shepherd, Zingerman’s does make their own cheeses as well.

Technically, we’re not supporting our local farmers and vintners with these choices. But can the next best thing be regional? At least we’re supporting the Michigan economy, which–as we all know–needs lots of help!


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