Feel Good About What You Eat at the Electric Cheetah

I was looking forward to dinner at the Electric Cheetah all day today because I knew I could count on eating happy, delicious, healthy food. Although I had been there once for lunch, this was Bill’s first time.

But first, we started out with happy hour drinks at The Meanwhile Bar, where Michigan products are always a dollar off before 8 p.m. I enjoyed a flavorful cherry wheat from Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo to start the evening.

When we sauntered down the block to EC, I already had my mind set on getting the Creswick Farms Grass-fed, Free-range Beef Burger. It’s been months since I’ve had a grassfed burger of any sort because we ran out of our own ground beef, and it’s nearly impossible to find a grassfed burger at most restaurants. Thank you, EC! It’s great to be able to count on locally-sourced, happy, healthy beef. It was delicious.

Bill started off with some chicken curry soup–spiced just right.

He followed that with the Hydroponic Tomato BLT (tomatoes courtesy of  Mud Lake Farm, which happens to be our CSA). Bill said the honey aioli sauce was a nice touch–the best BLT he’s ever had.

We topped off the evening by picking up our first order of local goods from the West Michigan Co-op: meats from Creswick Farm and vegetables from Funny Farm Organics and Groundswell Community Farm. (You can read about our experience there tomorrow.)

It was a great day for supporting our local farmers, brewers, and business owners in West Michigan–especially members of Localfirst.com, which “encourages the development of a vibrant, sustainable West Michigan economy by promoting local business ownership, social equity, and environmental kinship through education, support and collaboration.”


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