Happy Food Heaven at the Electric Cheetah

I had heard good things about the Electric Cheetah in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was waiting for the next opportunity to try the food there.

Today was the day.

Before I went, I checked out their menu to see what the options would be available for carnivores. I was delighted to see on the Christmas 2009 menu–which is the one I’d be choosing my food from–many selections from Creswick Farms.

(As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Pork Chops, Creswick is the farm Bill and I have chosen to buy our meat from, via the West Michigan Cooperative, while we’re waiting for next year’s meat order from Lubbers Farm.)

Since I went with a group, we were able to sample a few of the small plates as appetizers. The Southern Raw Fries (thin-sliced Michigan potatoes, fried and topped with kosher salt and white balsamic vinegar), as well as the Hummus and Beans, were worth snacking on while everyone decided on their lunch orders.

Finding a grassfed meat heaven in the middle of Grand Rapids, I just had to try the Open-Faced Pot Roast Sandwich with braised Creswick English roast and roasted root vegetables, which was served with a caramelized shallot and rosemary demi glace on a Nantucket French roll. Delicious.

My friend Amber had the same sandwich but ordered the Cauliflower Potato Soup to go along with it, which she said was quite tasty.

Becky had the Christmas citrus salad with shaved fennel, orange and grapefruit segments, toasted pecans and sweet poppy seed and Dijon vinaigrette served over arugula with a orange-ginger glazed grilled chicken breast. It was beautiful.

Debbie was happy with the Chop Chop salad, loaded with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, green onions, capicola ham, red peppers, cannelini beans, pickled peppers, penne pasta, greens and garlic vinaigrette, topped with shaved parmesan.

When I asked the server about the other meat on the menu–chicken, turkey, etc, which wasn’t specifically labeled as Creswick,–she said it came from Creswick as well. While I was thrilled to see so much local grassfed meat from Creswick on the menu, it would be nice to have an indication of where all the meat was sourced from, just for inquisitive minds like mine.

Still, this is one of the happiest food joints I’ve been to in a long time. They even source their greens from the same CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that I use: Mud Lake Farm in Hudsonville, Michigan.

And, they even grow many of their own herbs, such as rosemary–inside, of course–since it’s winter in Michigan.

For dessert, I had an espresso chocolate chip cookie, baked in seven minutes and served with a fork, along with a cup of excellent coffee and organic milk. I really appreciate the option for organic milk in my coffee!

If you live in West Michigan and care about eating happy food, you’ve got to try the Electric Cheetah–open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday when brunch is served.

4 responses to “Happy Food Heaven at the Electric Cheetah

  1. Thanks Marcia. We have date night tonight and this might be where we go now! I hadn’t heard of it before, so it’s really great to get the tip!

  2. Hi there and thanks for the lovely review.

    Just to let you know, your server lied to you 🙂

    Our Turkey is NOT from Creswick farms. They do not raise Turkeys all year round. I wish they did.

    Your review is fantastic and we like to think that our food is great and having people like you confirm it brings us much satisfaction for the hard work that it takes to bring local and fresh-from-scratch food to the table. We make our own stocks and sauces and everything really. You have seen the kitchen; it is small!



    • Cory, I’m looking forward to eating at Electric Cheetah again. Next time for dinner! Thanks for using and promoting local ingredients and for communicating this information on your menu!

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