Forging Deeper Connections with Food by Hunting

A recent article in The New York Times tells of urbanites who are learning to hunt. Not for the thrill of hunting. Not for trophies. For food.

Many of them had never shot a gun in their life. But their interest in hunting has stemmed from the desire to harvest and cook their own game.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, Jackson Landers–who’s an insurance broker by day–teaches a course called Deer Hunting for Locavores. The course is tailored to food-obsessed city people, with lessons on deer biology, habitat and anatomy; field trips to a firing range to practice shooting; and a session on butchery and cooking. One of the last lessons covers field dressing a freshly killed deer.

As Anthony Licata, editor of Field & Stream magazine sums it up: “There’s nothing more organic and free range than meat you hunt for yourself and your family.”

Read more, and while you’re on the Times’ site, check out the video about Landers’ class called “Closer to the Bone.”


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