Back to Basics with Edible Walls

When you have 3,000 miles of walls, like New York City does, it makes a lot more sense to use them instead of the ground or rooftops to grow gardens.

All over the U.S., city walls are becoming edible. They’re called edible walls because they’re filled with soil and seeds that yield produce from a vertical garden. With a thick layer of vegetation on the outside of buildings, they also provide insulation and reduce heating and electricity costs. Edible walls are helping urban farmers lower food costs, increase nutritional quality, cut fuel consumption, and reduce carbon emissions.

The leader in this niche area is Green Living Technologies. Founder George Irwin says, “Instead of bringing food to the city, we’re bringing the whole farm. What we’re implementing is back to basics.”

A novel idea. Read more about it in The New York Times.


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