BPA: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

In yesterday’s New York Times, Nichoas Kristof shared his concerns about BPA, a synthetic estrogen used in plastics and epoxies, which is linked to breast cancer, obesity, attention deficit disorder and genital abnormalities in both boys and girls. While many people are cutting back on their usage of plastic bottles because of concerns of BPA leeching into their bodies, there’s the added alarm of BPA being found in food.

Kristof cites an article in Consumer Reports magazine, which claims that BPA is showing up in products like Progresso vegetable soup, Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup, Del Monte Blue Lake cut green beans, the canned liquid version of Similac Advance infant formula, and in canned Nestlé Juicy Juice. It’s likely coming from the lining in the cans.

Are you concerned? Read Kristof’s piece and let me know. My plan to avoid BPAs is this: Buy local and fresh produce whenever possible. Avoid processed foods. Drink water out of a metal container, not plastic.


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