An Easy Recipe for Lamb Shoulder

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder

With a whole lamb in the freezer, I was curious what to do with the several cuts of lamb shoulder we have on hand.

I found this recipe from a blog called Chocolate & Zucchini, written by a Parisian woman.  So, yes, the recipe is French. It’s called Epaule d’Agneau Confite et Flageolets, or Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Flageolet Beans. This is one recipe I followed to a “t” because I like it just the way it is. (Except for a modification with the beans: I used canned canellini beans to save time and added a smidge of Tuscan kale to the mixture, similar to my recipe for Tuscan Kale with Canellini Beans.)

Canellini beans

This is a fall-apart, herb-infused, garlicky meat cut. It’s cooked in a Dutch oven (or French oven from Le Creuset), just like the Pork Roast with Carolina Gravy I made earlier this week. You just apply a rub of olive oil and herbes de Provence the night before, then put it in the Dutch oven with garlic cloves and wine before slow-cooking it several hours on low heat.

Lamb shoulder with herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is available at  most grocery stores or gourmet food stores, or you can make your own. The brand I had was Frontier, but when it ran out I made my own based on the ingredients: thyme, rosemary, winter savory, tarragon, basil, and organic lavender flowers. Most of these are herbs I had in my garden (including the lavender) but I bought the winter savory at G.B. Russo’s.

Lamb with beans and a side salad is all you need for a savory, filling dinner that’s simple to make. Bon appetit!


4 responses to “An Easy Recipe for Lamb Shoulder

  1. Thanks for the herbes list. I always wondered what goes good with it .

  2. Who takes the photos of your food? I can hardly tear myself away…

    • C’est moi! And I was just complaining tonight about how bad our house is for photo shoots….bad lighting and very few options for dishes and backdrop!

  3. Yum, I only found out tonight what a lovely combination lamb and cannellini beans make. Lovely!

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