Palazzolo Heaven


This afternoon, like many Friday afternoons, Bill and I took a trip to G.B. Russo’s in Grand Rapids to pick up some necessities: kasseri cheese (sheep’s cheese), wine, and other sundries we can’t find in Holland. While we were there I picked up a copy of On the Town magazine and began perusing it when an ad for Palazzolo’s caught my eye.

If you’ve never heard of it, Palazzolo’s is a local producer of gelato and sorbetto. Founded in 1986 by Marie Palazzolo and her son Pete, this mother/son team  offers over 600 flavors of artisan gelato and sorbetto to choose from.  And they will customize any flavor imaginable.

When Bill and I got married last year, we had a big party six weeks later in Saugatuck, Michigan. Our caterer, Christine Ferris, suggested Palazzolo’s sorbetto as a Bill-friendly dessert option. Since the party was in May, we opted for lemon sorbetto, which paired nicely with the Bill-friendly chocolate cake with raspberries (recipe coming soon) and strawberry shortcake to give our guests three choices for desserts.

If you have food allergies for dairy and corn, sorbetto makes a nice dessert.

If you don’t have dairy allergies, Palazzolo’s gelato is the creamiest, freshest gelato you’ll taste this side of Italy. Check out what my friend Alisa said about it when we picked some up at Pereddies’ deli in Holland, Michigan while she was visiting from California last summer. If you live in West Michigan you can find it at some grocery stores, such as D&W. If you’re not in West Michigan you can order it online (unless, of course, buying local is better for your local economy and your carbon footprint!).


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