Ten Reasons to Buy Local

Recently, I picked up the West Michigan Guide to Local Foods, published by the Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council, and found a nice list on page 3 called 10 Reasons to Buy Local. I thought they were worth sharing.

  1. Locally-grown, freshly-picked food tastes better.
  2. Local produce tends to have more nutritional value.
  3. Buying local spurs economic growth.
  4. Local food preserves diversity.
  5. You know the farmer and can find out easily how the food was raised.
  6. Local food supports local farm families.
  7. Local food builds community.
  8. Local food preserves open space.
  9. Local food keeps your taxes in check.
  10. Local food tends to be free of genetically engineered seed.

And I’ll add one more: Buying local contributes to a responsible carbon footprint.

Find out where to pick up a copy of this informational guide or download the PDF.

And please buy local! (Well, except for wine?)


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