I Love My CSA

Fresh lettuce from Mud Lake Farm

I just signed up as a member of a CSA (community supported agriculture) this fall and received my first delivery of local greens from Mud Lake Farm yesterday.

If you love to eat local produce, this is the time of year that can get a bit depressing in Michigan because the gardens are going dormant and you know your days are numbered. I’m stocking up like crazy on squash and root vegetables at the Holland Farmers’ Market so I can have a good store for winter. But, the truth is, I may actually have to shop at a grocery store come January in order to get produce. Except for lettuce.

I’m now receiving one pound of lettuce every two weeks from Mud Lake Farm in Hudsonville, Michigan. I found them on the Localharvest.org website. They specialize in growing hydroponic lettuces (grown in water and nutrients instead of soil) for families and restaurants in West Michigan. And, they’re firm believers in sustainable agriculture, avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides.

I’m now part of their “Salad Share” program, which means I can be supplied with fresh, nutritious salads all year round. At Mud Lake Farm they grow around 40 different varieties of lettuce, including red and green romaine, butterhead, batavia, and leaf lettuces. My share is delivered in an organic cotton bag to a central location in Holland and we pick it up from the host’s house.

Mud Lake Farm lettuce delivered in an organic cotton bag

Because the lettuce is grown in a greenhouse, it’s available year ’round. I’d encourage you to check out a CSA near you for all kinds of produce. Go to Localharvest.org and see what’s available where you live. And then enjoy salads all winter long!

Mud Lake Farm lettuce in a salad


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